Adopted Pets


Lexi This is Lexi!   She is a cute young mastiff mix puppy that is very playful and friendly just looking for a loving home.


Bella 30Cute lively 4 month old chocolate and white female puppy loves attention.  This playful terrier mix will melt your heart… come meet Bella at the animal shelter.


Missy will celebrate her first birthday next month!  A light colored lab mix who’s been neutered and is current on her vaccinations, she’s begging for a forever friend to take her under their wing with affection.  Call the animal shelter for more details:  259-0199.




Smokey is a small young short-hair tabby girl.  Soft and affectionate, she’s the purrfect feline for your home! Come meet her at the animal shelter.


GarfieldGarfield, an 8-year-old orange and white tabby,  is an affectionate neutered male kitty.   He’s just waiting to come home with you and keep your lap warm!  Come to the animal shelter to meet him.


JosieJosie is a heeler mix; bright and playful!  This young adult is cream colored with cinnamon highlights and a docked tail; she’ll keep her master busy with hikes and games!  Come meet Josie at the animal shelter.



Cooper offers energetic youth to his new owner!  This blond whippet mix is waiting enthusiastically for a forever home of his very own!  Stop by or call the animal shelter for more info; 259-0199.


PandaReggie is a young black chihuahua/terrier mix.  This small male dog has a sweet disposition and loves attention.   Come meet Reggie at the animal shelter and discover his potential to bring canine love into your forever home!

Lil’ Tux

Lil' Tux 2Lil’ Tux is a beautiful young princess with jade green eyes and a soft back coat highlighted with precious white paws!  She begs to be held and petted; gentle purrs are your reward!   Under a year old, she’s very ready to meet her forever friend!  Come on over to the animal shelter; seeing is believing! 


DSCN9671Rocco is one in a litter of four young puppies anxiously waiting for 02/10/17 to arrive.  On this date, they can meet their forever family and enter their new home!  Try and tell them apart; they all have jet black eyes and mostly black coats.  Like all puppies, tails never stop wagging and chasing toys is the name of the game!  Come meet these youngsters and pick out your favorite at the animal shelter.


DSCN9504CharlieCharlie is a 10-month old black terrier mix.  He’ll make a very sweet companion to whomever is fortunate to bring him home!  If you’d like to meet Charlie, please call the Moab City Animal Shelter at 259-0199.


Pita (2)Pita is a white & gray kitten who just arrived at the shelter and is very inquisitive. Sweet and lovable, a forever home is the perfect fit for this energetic youngster!  If you would like to meet Pita, call Moab City Animal Shelter at 259-0199.


SandySandy is a short-haired small to medium sized younger dog.  Begging for attention, but still a little shy.  A welcoming home will bring out her calm nature.  Come to the Moab City Animal Shelter to meet Sandy.


Dov 2dov

Dov is like a dove. She is soft, grey, gentle, and sweet. If she could talk, she would tell you stories of a lifetime of adventure and good times. This Siamese with almost-crossed blue eyes is an older gal and needs special food to help her kidneys. She has had a full check up at the vet and has had dental work completed.

  If you would like to meet Dov call 435-259-0199.


salSal is an 8-month old, long-haired, gray & white tabby. Soft and playful, he’s ready to meet his new family!


sneezy  Meet Sneezy- An 8 month old gray tabby that has a purr that won’t quit! He can be very playful but has a laid back mellow side too.

Sneezy would love to meet his forever family.


mayaMeet Maya, a 3 year old sweet and gentle terrier mix.  She loves to snuggle and get lots of petting, especially under her chin.  Maya came to us from a good home and would love to find a new forever home.  Come by and say hello to this sweet girl.


abbySweet and lovable Abby is a female black lab mix that’s just a year old.  Stop by the Moab City Animal Shelter to meet this energetic young pup.  To meet Abby, call 435-259-0199


izzyMeet Izzy!  Izzy is a 2 year old pure breed Doberman.  He is friendly with adults and children and loves attention, lots of petting and squeaky toys.  He likes to snuggle and lay next to his people, sometimes on their feet!  He has lived with another dog and a cat but likes to chase cats so a new home without cats would be the best match.


snoopy1Meet Bagel! He is new to the clan here at the shelter and he is adorable. This Beagle mix has a sweet demeanor and a keen sniffer. He was abandoned here at the shelter, so we will help him find a new enthusiastic family to join. Come by and meet this tender hearted guy.

Tigger, Tiger Leo, Peanut and Snow

tigger-tiger-leoWe have another precious litter of 5 kittens ready for their new homes.  Tigger, Tiger and Leo are males, Peanut, calico and Snow grey/white are females.

These sweet and playful kitties are 8 weeks old.


Arniearnie2  Arnie is very sweet and playful with both people and other dogs; he’s an active  lab-golden retriever mix just waiting to please and play with his new family.  Come greet him at the animal shelter and be warmed with love!


bear1Say hello to Bear. We call this lovable German Shepherd mix “Baby Bear” because he is so sweet. He is 8 months old and has a demeanor that will make you want to take him home immediately. He loves to play with both dogs and humans. Come by the shelter and meet this affectionate pup or call 435-259-0199.


sittingMeet Mr. Good Lookin’.  That is why we cal him Clark Gable.  Clark is a very mellow, friendly senior male who has been neutered and has currently had a vet exam, shots, deworming (as a precaution) and dental exam with teeth cleaning.  His manners are perfect, he is litter box trained and loves being petted and combed.  He wants a forever inside home and promises to keep your lap warm all winter.


 OllieOllie, a glistening black lab mix, is smart, lively, and good natured with dogs and people alike. A 1-year old neutered male, he’ll melt your heart with affection and play!  Call the animal shelter at 259-0199 as Ollie is anxiously awaiting your arrival to bring him into your forever home.


dscn89281coffee2Come meet Coffee who is an 8 yr old neutered male medium brown and black shepherd mix. He’s confident, easy going, gentle,

loves to play and get hugs and pets. Enjoys getting “down and playful”.


dscn89451Chewey is a 5 yr old neutered male blond terrier mix. He is a fun little guy who loves chasing balls, going for walks, and snuggling on your lap.

Little Jeep

img_20161010_073853_903screenshot_2016-10-03-13-33-09I’m Little jeep and this is how my new life through rescue and adoption began~

One day someone saw me being shaken and dumped out of a crate only to be abandoned at the Moab City Dog Park.  I was so frightened that it took almost one and a half hours to rescue me.  After that I was deathly afraid of everyone; even those who rescued and cared for me at the Animal Shelter.  Because I am so tiny (barely weigh six pounds) and was so scared, I stayed at the back of my pen avoiding contact with everyone.  Then one day a volunteer visiting Moab came and worked with me to help me get adopted.  At first I was scared, then it felt safe when I was being held and cuddled.  I even learned to walk with a leash.  Then the weekend came and I had to wait until my volunteer came back.  When she returned, I discovered something about myself.  I loved to be cuddled and get kisses!  I got to go with my volunteer for a home visit and was told how smart and sweet I am.  And the next thing I know we were signing my forever home adoption papers!!!  I now live on a ranch in Texas with my new mom and dad.  I get to travel in style and go for walks and hikes.  I play with my new doggie toys and sneak off with a sock now and then!  I play a lot with my big 50lb. brother “Chief” who is super gentle with me.  I have discovered what it is to be loved and have a regular life.  I am now more curious than afraid and enjoy things like checking out the fall leaves rustling around and stretching out in soft grass.  Oh, I love to see and bark at myself with a wagging tail in mirrors!  I want to give big thanks to everyone at the City of Moab Animal Shelter and the Humane Society of Moab Valley for taking great care of me during my stay.


archiearchie1Archie showed up just in time for Halloween! This black kitty with golden eyes was picked up in Arches National Park recently and brought to us to help find him a more suitable home. He is very affectionate despite his slightly rough appearance. He deserves a good home with people who will give him a lot of love.

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, and Moe

kittens5kittens2We have an adorable litter of kittens, all ready to be adopted. Four kittens in total, these siblings all have unique markings, as you can see. Their mother abandoned them soon after they were born, so they have been with us since they were itty bitty. We’ve watched them grow into healthy adoption-ready kittens. Come by and meet this rambunctious crew!



Say hi to Catalina! We don’t know much about her back story, but we do know that she is incredibly sweet! Approximately 6 months old, Catalina is eager to find a new loving family to go home with. Come by the shelter and meet this friendly kitten!



puppyball2Meet Monkey! Most likely a German Shepherd, she was found wandering around the Kane Creek area. Monkey just arrived to the shelter and she is ADORABLE! She is full of playful puppy energy and loves a good snuggle. Come by and visit this sweet girl and let her melt your heart.



This is Cleo! 6 years old, this sweet girl was brought to the shelter a few days ago. She loves to swim and play with rope toys. She prefers a home without small children, but loves spending time and being affectionate with adults. She has a unique scruffy appearance that we just adore. Cleo will even howl when you howl with her. She is looking forward to finding her forever home.


redheelerMeet Teddy, a 10-month old Red Heeler new to the shelter. He is a very sweet puppy waiting to meet his new family. He will go fast, so don’t hesitate to come say hi and show him some love.


orange-kittenThis is Tom-Tom, our newest kitten to arrive here at the shelter. He is sweet and shy and ready to meet his new family. Tom-Tom was found wandering around near the Advertiser, and no one has claimed him yet. We will be happy to see Tom-Tom find a new place to call home. Come by and meet this sweet boy!


dscn8604Lady is a sweet old Hound who was found at Potato Salad Hill with no tags. We are guessing that she is around 8 years old. She has a gentle demeanor and would love to find a new home to call her own.


dscn8601Amy is a 6 year old Lab mix whose family is no longer able to care for her. She is such a good girl! She needs a new family who can meet her enthusiastic personality. Come by and meet this sweetheart!

Twister and Minx

dscn8507Say hello to Twister and Minx! These playful tabby siblings are a bit shy and would thrive in an indoor/outdoor living situation. Come by and meet these sweet kittens and feel your heart melt!


dscn8524Meet Bill! This handsome teenager is a LOVER who will adore you forever if you let him. This incredibly affectionate guy was found as an abandoned kitten in someone’s backyard wood pile. Bill enjoys the company of dogs and humans alike. Come say hello to Bill at the shelter and let him steal your heart.


dscn8420Oliver is a playful tabby kitten who loves to be snuggled. He is affectionate and social with the other kitties here at the shelter. He waiting for his forever home, so come on by the shelter and meet this sweet guy!


dscn8423This is Mattie, a 2 1/2 year old Shih Tzu that is lively and playful and brings smiles to everyone that meets her.  This adorable small breed dog would be a good match in a family with older children/adults.


Bella002Bella is a 10 year old gray Seal Point Siamese.  She is very calm and sweet and loves to sit on your lap.  She enjoys sleeping in bags, boxes, hats, purses and her carrier.  If you would like a laid back loving companion Bella’s your cat.


DSCN8284-princessstandingPrincess is a long hair gray/white 1 year old female that adores people and prefers being the best cat.


DSCN8319-fionaFiona is a two year old female tortoise shell cat that is just purr-fect and reaches out for love.  Your visit will be received with fun paws and purrs.


DSCN8275- kitkatstandingKitkat is a long-haired black/white female cat that is one year old and full of love, activity and joy.   Come by the shelter and she will enjoy greeting you.


080216 012Wags can’t sop wagging his tail!  Wags is a medium size mixed breed that’s very sweet, affectionate  and wants to sit in your lap and snuggle.  He is 1 1/2 years old and plays well with other dogs.


DSCN7695 Fawn is a young chihuahua mix that is very playful. She enjoys being outside when its warm and playing with her stuffed animal. Fawn likes to sit in people’s lap and give kisses.


DSCN8023JacksJacks is an active and fun medium mixed breed black dog with brown eyebrows & legs with white feet. He loves “lovey” time with people, and his youthful energy enjoys fetching and chewing toys.

Sir Thomas

Sir Thomas

Sir Thomas is a dignified, elegant, and refined gentleman who even has a goatee. If he could talk, he would ask for a top hat and bow tie to go with his gray and white tuxedo. He is a big, greenish-eyed boy with an even bigger purr, especially when he sits on your lap. He has a non-transferable skin allergy that crops up from time to time. We hope that it will clear up when he gets in his own home.



DSCN797FireBallBaby1 (1)FireBall is a baby orange/white tabby that is absolutely special, loving and very full of play.  Needs a surrogate mom for awhile to teach him how to be the best cat ever!


DSCN7996RomeoRomeo is a fanciful black and white male cat that is totally friendly, calm, yet engaged with people. He would love to find a family that can appreciate his great personality and beautiful looks.


Monty1Monty is as easy going as they come.  He’s happy to bask in the sun or on your lap, it doesn’t matter to him. 

He is very playful with the other cats too. 


Lefty Lefty is a very mellow boy that enjoys being outside and relaxing.   He plays well with other dogs and loves lots of attention.    


 DSCN7830This is Snickers! Snickers is a young Boston Terrier and Chihuahua mix who is very loving.  He is very sweet and gets along with other small dogs well. Snickers enjoys playing outside with his dog friends and being held.  He is 5-6 years old.

Orange Crush

Orange Crush is a sweet young cat, he is reserved and cuddly.  OC loves his cat bed and sunning in the window.  Contact Janette at the Moab City Shelter to meet this kitty.050



  This guy is a goof-ball and a half.  He’s playful and smart but at less than a year old, he could work on his manners a little more.  If you want the perfect hiking buddy call Janette at 435-259-0199 and set up a meeting.

Little Dude


We’ve been calling this sweet guy, Little Dude.  He’s chill yet adventurous.  It seems as though all he wants to do is play or cuddle.  Little Dude is part Chihuahua and Jack Russell Terrier.  If you would like to meet Little Dude call us at 435-259-4862.



 Andy enjoys playing  with other small dogs but when there’s a person around, he wants to cuddle.  Call Janette at 435-259-0199 to meet Andy.


Bart  Bart is a young adult male Boxer with lots of love to give.  He was abandoned in the center of town with no collar or tags.

After being brought up to the Moab City Shelter and waiting for a week for his owners to claim him – Bart is finally up for adoption.


It is a joy to watch him meet new people – Bart is affectionate and loving.  He is having a great time playing with Mikey and the hounds – Maggie and Duke – in the play yard and is ready for his new furr-ever home.




Mike2  A seven year old brindle pitbull – Mikey likes it all.  You can’t take a picture of this guy without him grinning like a champ.


Mike was surrendered to the City Shelter and is in need of a new loving home.  He is good with other dogs and children and walks right by your side on the leash.

Stop by Monday – Friday to meet Mike and take him on a walk!








LaylaFace  Layla is a three year old pointer/pitbull mix.  She is a sweet dog and has experience around other dogs and older children.

Layla is spayed and current on her vaccinations.  She is up for adoption through the Moab City Shelter so if you are interested in meeting her please call 435-259-0199.


Dasher, Cupid, and Vixen

GRpup  Help HSMV find these adorable 8 week old puppies a new Home for the Holidays!

Their mom is a small Chiweenie (chihuahua/dachshund) who was abandoned at a truck stop in Green River and we believe the dad was terrier.  The pups will be small dogs under 15 pounds. GR3Dasher is a boy and Cupid and Vixen are girls – all three are adorable and well on their way to being potty-trained.  If you are interested in adopting one of them, please call us at 435-259-4862.GR6








DarlaFace  Say Hi to Darla! This girl was scared in the shelter – but as soon as we got her into her foster home she perked right up! She has been playing with her canine foster siblings and snuggling with her foster mom.  Darla is house-trained and affectionate.


Come down to Dog Adoption Day on the second and fourth Saturdays at City Market to meet Darla and friends.







Chief4    Chief5

Snoop Dogg





Tobias3  Tobias is a nine year old Chiweenie (Chihuahua Dachshund).  He is SUCH a great cuddler and loves to be in your lap or snuggling down next to you.  Tobias was mainly an inside dog and gets along well with other small dogs.  He is enjoying his foster home with two other dogs and a large fenced yard to run around in!











Rudy and Athena







Civvy and Water























Dexter  At three weeks of age, Dexter was found on the side of the highway out in Spanish Valley.  HSMV located a volunteer foster who has bottle-fed and raised Dexter for the last 5 weeks.

At eight weeks old, Dexter is fun kitten with loads of personality and a cute black spot under his chin.  In his foster home he has been raised with other cats, dogs, ferrets, young kids and even a bird!





Diana3At just a year old, this small white cat is an awesome hunter!  She loves cat-friendly dogs and being petted by all ages of people.

Diana is spayed, current on her vaccinations and litter-box trained.  To meet this friendly girl, give us a call at 435-259-4862 or stop by the Moab BARKery during on of our Cat Adoption Days.












MarlyA sweet well-trained 6 year old yellow lab, Marly is great with all ages of people.  If fact, he would prefer a nice calm volunteer walk over hanging out and playing with his canine shelter friends Rudy and Sally.

Marly was surrendered to the Moab City Shelter 6 weeks ago and HSMV is searching for a foster home for Marly until his adoption.  If you are interested in becoming a foster parent – please call us at 435-259-4862.

To adopt this great guy, stop by the City Shelter Monday – Friday from 10am -12 or 1pm-3pm.



These litters all came from Thompson Springs.  There are close to thirty stray cats in one area (their owner passed away) and there have been five litters born so far!  HSMV is helping residents to catch and spay/neuter the adults and we are working hard to find good loving homes for the kittens.

TerryWhite Litter


DSCN4832The White Litter:  At 14 weeks old, these kittens are well socialized, litter box trained and ready for their new homes!  There are three females and one of them has a stubbed tail.

DSCN4872The Calico Litter – There are two brown tabbys left from this 12 week old litter!OrangeTabbyFemaletabby












Mega4This beautiful boy is one of the biggest cats we have ever had at the Moab City Shelter!




Weighing in at 17 pounds – Mega is one long tall drink of purr-fection.  He loves to role over and be worshiped by the volunteers and spends his days lounging at the shelter.  Mega is an indoor/outdoor cat and litter-box trained.  He’s always climbing tall cabinets and window gazes for birds!




Beagle Rosie



dress up


RexfaceMeet Rex – This big Golden Lab is a happy, go-lucky guy. He is fully house-trained and great with kids. He is also good with cats, birds and other dogs. If you are looking for a pet that will settle right in easily and joyfully – Come up to the Moab City Shelter to meet Rex or call 435-259-0199.







Sinatra and Tracey





TristanTracey and Tristan


















Mama and pups





Sammy2Sammy is a sweet, well-trained 12 year old Black Lab.  Her owner passed away and we are searching for a new home for her.

Sammy is healthy and happy for her age.  She knows how to use the doggie door and does not require much exercise.


Sammy does want to be the only pet, she would prefer not to share her owner with other pets but she loves all people and bonds quickly.  If you can provide this old gal with a loving home – please call 435-259-4862.  Sammy4

Lucy and Ricky

Ricky and Lucy










Archie – ADOPTED