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Meet Buster! This 4 month old male American Bull dog mix will melt your heart with his puppy charm and good looks. Like all pups he’s adorable and playful and looking for a family that will love him forever. Meet Buster at the Animal Shelter.


Blackberry is a short haired black cat with beautiful green eyes, she is sweet,kind,and cute and loves to be petted, she is also good with other cats.

If you would like to meet Blackberry come to the Moab Animal Shelter.

Socks & Siblings





A  litter of now 4 adorable kittens that are 14 weeks old (Socks, the tuxedo and Laurel a Calico was adopted).  Mittens has medium-length hair and is a tuxedo tabby with white paws and the iconic white bib and whiskers.  His siblings adorn coats of calico, and grey and white!  Don’t miss out on “parenting” one or two of these youngsters into your loving home!



Kiki is a grey and white 2 year old female kitty that is extremely loving and affectionate. If you’re looking for a great lap cat contact the Moab Animal Shelter.




Ozzy, a large, ~4 year old tuxedo, sports green eyes and white furry legs.  With a very dense coat, soft to the touch, petting brings out a wonderful purr.  Call the animal shelter and learn more!  259-0199.