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Author: Pet Adoption


Nina is a lovely 2-3 year old cat who likes a quiet environment and prefers her own space.  She has no teeth or front claws so she must be an indoor cat. 


Ava is a beautiful one year old gray cat with expressive gold eyes.  She is friendly and gets along well with other cats. 

Annie Oakley

Annie Oakley is an unbelievably sweet tuxedo cat.  She loves people and gets along very well with other cats.  She is 2 years old and spayed. 

Zoey, Duke, Kong

These three sibling puppies are 4 months old and learning fast. They are being trained to walk on a leash and are absolutely adorable Pitt Bull mixes. Zoey is a female and Kong and Duke are males. Any of them…Read More…


Rusty is a 2-3 year old male Pittbull mix.  He walks well on a leash and gets along with other dogs and people. 


Chloe is a friendly fun loving female Jack Russell mix. She is about 5 years old and would make a wonderful addition to your family.

Lace and Snow

Lace and Snow are beautiful all white cats about 8 years old. Lace is a female domestic long hair and Snow is male domestic short hair who is deaf. These beautiful cats have been together their entire lives. They are…Read More…


Biggs definitely lives up to his name.  He is an American Bulldog/Lab mix whose heart is as big as he is.  Biggs has a sweet disposition and gets along well with other dogs and loves people.  He is 1-2 years…Read More…


This male Irish Wolfhound mix is about one year of age.  He is friendly and does very well with other dogs and people.  Shaggy is loving and wants his forever home.


Ziggy is an adorable Chihuahua mix between 3-4 years of age. He is friendly and well behaved and gets along very well with people and other dogs. He loves long walks and does well on a leash. Ziggy would make…Read More…


 This beautiful tan male Shar Pei mix is 8-10 months of age and friendly. He gets along very well with people and other dogs.  


Five month old Tortoiseshell kitten


Six year old female Tortoiseshell cat


Meeka is a 6 month old pit bull who has lived with other dogs. She is friendly and loves to cuddle. Meeka enjoys long hikes and lots of attention. She walks on a leash and knows basic commands.


Gunner is an 18 month old black Lab. He is friendly and has lived with cats, other dogs and birds. Gunner has had no training and his adoptive family will need to spend time helping him with his manners.


Kirby is a 4 month old Border Collie/Australian shepherd mix. Playful and friendly, Kirby is already indulging his herding instincts on the other dogs at the shelter. Whether as a family pet or a working dog, Kirby would love a…Read More…


This big boy is neutered and loves people but needs to be the only cat in the home. Bagheera has huge green eyes and loves to play with yarn balls and hanging toys all day long. If you are looking…Read More…


8 month old border collie/blue heeler mix. Energetic and friendly, Bluezette gets along well with other dogs but is young and will need training. This fun loving young pup would love to have a forever home. 


Six month old female Tuxedo cat.


Cooper is a 1 1/2 old Whippet mix that is an affectionate, high energy dog that loves to run. If you’re looking for a four-legged exercise companion stop by the City Shelter to meet Cooper!


Eight month old grey/white male DSH


Eight month old male grey/white DSH


Two year old orange/white female tabby


Fifteen year old orange/white male tabby

Brad Kitt

One year old male orange/white tabby


One year old female Tuxedo


Four month old orange male DLH


Four month old female orange DSH


Four month old female Flame Point Siamese


Four month old female Calico


One year old female grey tabby


Four month old black male DLH 


Four month old male grey tabby


One year old female long hair grey/white


Five year old female light grey tabby


Bonnie is a high energy 10 month old cattle/pit dog mix. She loves fetch, running and swimming but still needs a little more leash training. Come meet Bonnie at the Moab Animal Shelter


Oliver is a six month old male orange tabby.

Earl Grey

Earl Grey is a two year old male grey/white tabby.


Smokey is a three year old Russian Blue.


    Six month old female Tuxedo cat.


Six month old orange male tabby!


This intelligent eight month old mixed breed is very fun loving, curious and enjoys mental stimulation.  She has lived with cats and gets along with other dogs.


  Chuck is a charming and affectionate three year old male Shih Tzu.   If you are looking for a small breed companion, come meet Chuck at Moab City Animal Shelter.


This happy pups name is Sport.  He is an energetic 5 month old medium mix breed that is sure to be the perfect hiking companion.


This cute guy is spunky and sweet.  He loves energetic play with the other small dogs but enjoys snuggling with the shelter volunteers too.  Nugget is 2 years old, house trained and ready to meet his new family.


Crackers is a light orange female tabby that is 5 years old.


Meet Buster! This 4 month old male American Bull dog mix will melt your heart with his puppy charm and good looks. Like all pups he’s adorable and playful and looking for a family that will love him forever. Meet…Read More…


Jake is an 8 year old Black Lab that is a happy and playful dog. In his former home he lived with cats, chickens and rabbits! To meet this lovable boy contact Janette at 259-0199


 Meet Mojo!  This smart, playful and cuddly Heeler Mix is 4 months old.  He enjoys the company of other dogs and is good with cats too. If you’re looking for a loyal forever friend contact HSMV 435-259-4862


Blackberry is a short haired black cat with beautiful green eyes, she is sweet,kind,and cute and loves to be petted, she is also good with other cats. If you would like to meet Blackberry come to the Moab Animal Shelter.


   Dudley is an elderly Golden Retriever/Chow mix that was abandoned. This large size dog has a sweet and gentle demeanor that will make you want to take him home. Call the animal shelter at 259-0199 to meet him!


    Jasper: This 2 1/2 year old Persian feline is not only beautiful, but loves friendly attention. His curious nature leads him all around the house. He arrived here declawed and as such must remain an indoor cat only….Read More…


Jack is a smallish short-haired Dachshund/Chihuahua mix that is 2-4 years old and has been neutered.  With his sweet disposition he’ll make a wonderful addition in your forever home.


Ginko is a young, 4-6 week old,  grey and white tabby.  With those high-lighted blue eyes, it will be easy to share glances with this cutie!  Come say hi and be warmed with feline smiles! Animal shelter: 259-0199.


Beamer is a young 8 month old yellow lab mix that has been neutered.  Radiating beams of sunshine, his short hair and playful approach will warm your heart!  Come meet Beamer at the animal shelter; 259-0199.


Piper is really looking forward to being chosen into her forever home especially since her sister, Pepper, has been adopted.  She’s a medium-sized, short-haired black lab mix, ~6 months old.  Friendly and very affectionate,  she’s been spayed and is anxious…Read More…


Mona is a 1-year-old heeler mix.  She’s spayed and vaccinated and is attentive to those spending time with her.  Come over to the animal shelter and meet this lovable companion.  She could be yours!


 Come meet this 1-2 year old Cocker spaniel mix  and get acquainted!   She’s keeping her eyes and heart open for potential adopters, call  259-0199.


Pepper:  Pepper (pictured) and her sister Piper are medium-sized, short-haired black lab mixes, ~6 months old.  Friendly and very affectionate, they’ve recently been spayed and are anxious to meet their new “parents.”  Let them greet you here at the Humane…Read More…

Socks & Siblings

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                A  litter of now 4 adorable kittens that are 14 weeks old (Socks, the tuxedo and Laurel a Calico was adopted).  Mittens has medium-length hair and is a tuxedo tabby with white paws and the…Read More…


Sweet and lovable Mindy is a 3 month old Chihuahua that is very energetic and loves to play with her brother Mork, come by the shelter to meet this affectionate young girl.


Mork is a young lively chihuahua mix puppy under a year old with soft golden fur.   Welcome this little guy into your home for delightful days ahead.


Wally offers a purr as large as his size! A medium haired black and white tabby, he’s beautifully marked and just can’t get enough petting! Call the animal shelter for more details; 259-0199


Thompson holds the prize for the most playful young cat we’ve had the pleasure to meet in some time! An all-black male, smallish medium hair, she might just be you’re forever companion. Come down to the animal shelter and find…Read More…


A sleek, long hair jet-black youngster, Onyx fixes beautiful green eyes with clear interest!  Soft and cuddly, come to the animal shelter to see if this might just be your perfect feline companion!  259-0199.


Skittles, a young female short hair calico, presents with a warm and curious  interest in visitors!  With a silky coat and green eyes, she’ll warm your heart and keep your cat toys in motion!  Come meet Skittles at the animal…Read More…


Kiki is a grey and white 2 year old female kitty that is extremely loving and affectionate. If you’re looking for a great lap cat contact the Moab Animal Shelter.

Mama Mia

Mama Mia is a beautiful black cat with big green eyes, she likes to hide but loves to come out for cuddles.  Mama Mia is about 1 year old.


Tom is a friendly 1 year old long haired, grey and white male kitty.  Petting brings out a wonderful purr.

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily is a 2 year old female tabby that is a very easy going and affectionate kitty looking for her furever home, please come and visit Tiger Lily at Moab Animal Shelter.


 Truffles is a young, slender tortoise shell girl. Soft to the touch, she adores attention and would love to meet her forever home friends. Meet Truffles at the animal shelter; 259-0199.


This is Lexi!   She is a cute young mastiff mix puppy that is very playful and friendly just looking for a loving home.


Grizzly is an elderly dog looking for some love in his old age, he is very gentle, will keep you company and love you in return for his new home… come and meet Grizzly at the Moab  animal shelter.


Cute lively 4 month old chocolate and white female puppy loves attention.  This playful terrier mix will melt your heart… come meet Bella at the animal shelter.


Young and lively, this 4-month-old chihuahua mix beholds her name’s color! At this age, she’s on her way to learning the best of dog behavior. Come meet Biscuit at the animal shelter!


Missy will celebrate her first birthday next month!  A light colored lab mix who’s been neutered and is current on her vaccinations, she’s begging for a forever friend to take her under their wing with affection.  Call the animal shelter…Read More…


  Monk, a 2-year old chihuahua mix, this small male short-hair is really warming up and awaiting his new forever home.  Call the animal shelter at 259-0199 for more details, or stop on by!


Smokey is a small young short-hair tabby girl.  Soft and affectionate, she’s the purrfect feline for your home! Come meet her at the animal shelter.


Garfield, an 8-year-old orange and white tabby,  is an affectionate neutered male kitty.   He’s just waiting to come home with you and keep your lap warm!  Come to the animal shelter to meet him.


Josie is a heeler mix; bright and playful!  This young adult is cream colored with cinnamon highlights and a docked tail; she’ll keep her master busy with hikes and games!  Come meet Josie at the animal shelter.

Baby Girl

 Baby Girl is a lovely cinnamon female pit pull.  Under a year old, she’s inquisitive and playful.  Welcome this youngster into your home for delightful days ahead!  Come meet Baby Girl at the animal shelter.    


Cooper offers energetic youth to his new owner!  This blond whippet mix is waiting enthusiastically for a forever home of his very own!  Stop by or call the animal shelter for more info; 259-0199.


Reggie is a young black chihuahua/terrier mix.  This small male dog has a sweet disposition and loves attention.   Come meet Reggie at the animal shelter and discover his potential to bring canine love into your forever home!


  Ozzy, a large, ~4 year old tuxedo, sports green eyes and white furry legs.  With a very dense coat, soft to the touch, petting brings out a wonderful purr.  Call the animal shelter and learn more!  259-0199.    …Read More…

Lil’ Tux

Lil’ Tux is a beautiful young princess with jade green eyes and a soft back coat highlighted with precious white paws!  She begs to be held and petted; gentle purrs are your reward!   Under a year old, she’s very ready…Read More…


Rocco is one in a litter of four young puppies anxiously waiting for 02/10/17 to arrive.  On this date, they can meet their forever family and enter their new home!  Try and tell them apart; they all have jet black…Read More…


A young adult, Max is a neutered bulldog mix.  With his handsome brindle coat he is active & alert.  Let Max add warmth to your life in your welcoming home.  Call the animal shelter at 259-0199 to meet him!


Snuggles – sweet and dainty, this young female tabby is a lap-cat special; a pet purrfect prize!  Get acquainted at the animal shelter for your forever feline!    


Charlie is a 10-month old black terrier mix.  He’ll make a very sweet companion to whomever is fortunate to bring him home!  If you’d like to meet Charlie, please call the Moab City Animal Shelter at 259-0199.


Pita is a white & gray kitten who just arrived at the shelter and is very inquisitive. Sweet and lovable, a forever home is the perfect fit for this energetic youngster!  If you would like to meet Pita, call Moab…Read More…


Sandy is a short-haired small to medium sized younger dog.  Begging for attention, but still a little shy.  A welcoming home will bring out her calm nature.  Come to the Moab City Animal Shelter to meet Sandy.


Dov is like a dove. She is soft, grey, gentle, and sweet. If she could talk, she would tell you stories of a lifetime of adventure and good times. This Siamese with almost-crossed blue eyes is an older gal and…Read More…


Sal is an 8-month old, long-haired, gray & white tabby. Soft and playful, he’s ready to meet his new family!


  Meet Sneezy- An 8 month old gray tabby that has a purr that won’t quit! He can be very playful but has a laid back mellow side too. Sneezy would love to meet his forever family.


Meet Maya, a 3 year old sweet and gentle terrier mix.  She loves to snuggle and get lots of petting, especially under her chin.  Maya came to us from a good home and would love to find a new forever…Read More…


Sweet and lovable Abby is a female black lab mix that’s just a year old.  Stop by the Moab City Animal Shelter to meet this energetic young pup.  To meet Abby, call 435-259-0199


Meet Izzy!  Izzy is a 2 year old pure breed Doberman.  He is friendly with adults and children and loves attention, lots of petting and squeaky toys.  He likes to snuggle and lay next to his people, sometimes on their…Read More…


Meet Bagel! He is new to the clan here at the shelter and he is adorable. This Beagle mix has a sweet demeanor and a keen sniffer. He was abandoned here at the shelter, so we will help him find…Read More…

Tigger, Tiger Leo, Peanut and Snow

We have another precious litter of 5 kittens ready for their new homes.  Tigger, Tiger and Leo are males, Peanut, calico and Snow grey/white are females. These sweet and playful kitties are 8 weeks old.


  Arnie is very sweet and playful with both people and other dogs; he’s an active  lab-golden retriever mix just waiting to please and play with his new family.  Come greet him at the animal shelter and be warmed with…Read More…