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Category: Cats


Ginko is a young, 4-6 week old,  grey and white tabby.  With those high-lighted blue eyes, it will be easy to share glances with this cutie!  Come say hi and be warmed with feline smiles! Animal shelter: 259-0199.

Socks & Siblings

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                A  litter of now 5 adorable kittens that are 10 weeks old (Socks, the tuxedo was adopted).  Mittens has medium-length hair and are tuxedo tabbys with white paws and the iconic white bib and whiskers. …Read More…


Wally offers a purr as large as his size! A medium haired black and white tabby, he’s beautifully marked and just can’t get enough petting! Call the animal shelter for more details; 259-0199


Kiki is a grey and white 2 year old female kitty that is looking forward to finding her forever home, come see her at the Moab Animal Shelter.


Tom is a friendly 1 year old long haired, grey and white male kitty.  Petting brings out a wonderful purr.

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily is a 2 year old female tabby that is a very easy going and affectionate kitty looking for her furever home, please come and visit Tiger Lily at Moab Animal Shelter.


Hi, my name is Truffles!  I am a curious older cat looking for a loving home for my retirement.  Let’s meet at the Moab Animal Shelter!


  Ozzy, a large, ~4 year old tuxedo, sports green eyes and white furry legs.  With a very dense coat, soft to the touch, petting brings out a wonderful purr.  Call the animal shelter and learn more!  259-0199.    …Read More…