DSCN0708Sweet and lovable Mindy is a 3 month old Chihuahua that is very energetic and loves to play with her brother Mork, come by the shelter to meet this affectionate young girl.


mork 4Mork is a young lively chihuahua mix puppy under a year old with soft golden fur.   Welcome this little guy into your home for delightful days ahead.



Young and lively, this 4-month-old chihuahua mix beholds her name’s color! At this age, she’s on her way to learning the best of dog behavior. Come meet Biscuit at the animal shelter!


Monk Monk, a 2-year old chihuahua mix, this small male short-hair is really warming up and awaiting his new forever home.  Call the animal shelter at 259-0199 for more details, or stop on by!



A young adult, Max is a neutered bulldog mix.  With his handsome brindle coat he is active & alert.  Let Max add warmth to your life in your welcoming home.  Call the animal shelter at 259-0199 to meet him!