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Little Jeep

img_20161010_073853_903screenshot_2016-10-03-13-33-09I’m Little jeep and this is how my new life through rescue and adoption began~

One day someone saw me being shaken and dumped out of a crate only to be abandoned at the Moab City Dog Park.  I was so frightened that it took almost one and a half hours to rescue me.  After that I was deathly afraid of everyone; even those who rescued and cared for me at the Animal Shelter.  Because I am so tiny (barely weigh six pounds) and was so scared, I stayed at the back of my pen avoiding contact with everyone.  Then one day a volunteer visiting Moab came and worked with me to help me get adopted.  At first I was scared, then it felt safe when I was being held and cuddled.  I even learned to walk with a leash.  Then the weekend came and I had to wait until my volunteer came back.  When she returned, I discovered something about myself.  I loved to be cuddled and get kisses!  I got to go with my volunteer for a home visit and was told how smart and sweet I am.  And the next thing I know we were signing my forever home adoption papers!!!  I now live on a ranch in Texas with my new mom and dad.  I get to travel in style and go for walks and hikes.  I play with my new doggie toys and sneak off with a sock now and then!  I play a lot with my big 50lb. brother “Chief” who is super gentle with me.  I have discovered what it is to be loved and have a regular life.  I am now more curious than afraid and enjoy things like checking out the fall leaves rustling around and stretching out in soft grass.  Oh, I love to see and bark at myself with a wagging tail in mirrors!  I want to give big thanks to everyone at the City of Moab Animal Shelter and the Humane Society of Moab Valley for taking great care of me during my stay.

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