Boots is a beautiful grey/white long haired cat that’s favorite things are long naps and lots of petting! She is 3 years old and gets along well with other cats. Visit our cat lounge at the animal shelter if you would like to meet her.


Tango is a beautiful blue eyed Flame Point Siamese cat that is 3 years old. Tango is very affectionate and enjoys the company of other cats. Stop by the Moab City Animal Shelter to meet this sweet cat.

Annie Oakley

Annie Oakley is an unbelievably sweet tuxedo cat.  She loves people and gets along very well with other cats.  She is 2 years old and spayed. 

Lace and Snow

Lace and Snow are beautiful all white cats about 8 years old. Lace is a female domestic long hair and Snow is male domestic short hair who is deaf. These beautiful cats have been together their entire lives. They are extremely well trained.


Six year old female Tortoiseshell cat