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Red Rock 4 Wheelers & Humane Society of Moab Valley 
present the


We all know that Our Pet(s) - dog, cat, bird, iguana, you-name-it - is the smartest, cutest, Best Pet ever!  

Let them strut their stuff when you enter them in the "Jeep Safari Pet Photo Contest!"

Put them in, on or next to a jeep, snap a picture and enter to win!  

Be as creative, original and fun as you want to!

Winners will win Gift Baskets of Goodies and be featured on Humane Society of Moab Valley and Red Rock 4 Wheelers website! 




2023 Contest Winner

Maisie loves watching the sunset after a long day of trail rides!

2022 Contest Winner

Meet Millie!  The Wasatch mountains are no match for this little rough rider and her wrangler!

2021 Contest Winners

Smokey the black tri colored and Maverick the 9 week old blue merle Austrailian Shepherds. They love going on jeep adventures.

Mya the Dachshund, Romeo the Chinese Crested and Babycat the Siamese


  • Submit photo in png., jpg. or gif format
  • We request photos of your Dog, Cat or any other type of pet (any animal of any kind BUT pictured on/in or next to a jeep or other approved Jeep Safari vehicle). 
  • You may enter as many pets in family as long as they are pictured with your off road vehicle.
  • Pets name and photo description of 30 words or less must accompany each photo submission
  • Deadline to submit your photo is March 18, 2024
  • Each individual photo submission is $30

All Proceeds Will Help Moab's Community Pets 

2024 REGISTRATION - Jeep Safari Pet Photo Contest
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