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    Please change my story. Every day I wait at the Shelter for my forever person. It has been a long time. My perfect person is active and takes me on daily walks or even rides a bike where I can run along side. I am active and love to get out and exercise. I am people-oriented and have basic manners. I am part border collie so I am smart and part husky and they say that makes me a tad stubborn! I am trained in basic commands and want my very own person who loves me. I promise to be loyal and love that person back. Come visit me at Moab Animal Shelter or call 435-259-0199.

    Thank you for sharing my Facebook post! It reached 7,000 people so far. And the shares were about 100. But, I am still here at the shelter and my forever family hasn’t come for me yet and I want a family so very much. I want to tell you that I run along side Mark the Animal Control Officer’s bike regularly and I am good at that! It is really fun. Please put your money where your bark is and continue to share my posts because my heart longs for my family and a real home. I want to be settled in my new home well before Thanksgiving so I can give my love to a new family during the holidays.


    Smiley is a Redbone Hound that was found at the Yellow Cat exit East of Thompson. He is approx. 1 year old and is neutered. Smiley is a happy, fun loving dog that plays well with other dogs and people alike and longs for a forever family to love. As soon as you meet him you will know how he got his name! Come meet Smiley at the Moab Animal Shelter or call 435-259-0199.

    Smiley here. I wrote this to tell you that they got my name wrong here at the Shelter. Sure, I do smile a lot because I am a happy, fun-loving guy. And Smiley is a good name for me. However, my real name is ELVIS and I AM nothin’ but a hound dog. A gorgeous Redbone hound, if I do say so myself. I love people and other dogs and am waiting for my person to adopt me and sing me my song! Please come visit me at the Moab Animal Shelter or call 435-259-0199.

  • TEVA

    I’m Teva, a female shepherd mix about 1½ years old. I’m the perfect size: about 40 lbs and I am so sweet and gentle. Not to mention that I am also very cute. I know how to sit and walk on a leash. The world is still a big, new place for me, but I found out that I love to go for walks and chase grasshoppers! I like people and other dogs although I am a bit more comfortable with women than men. Please come visit me at the Moab Animal Shelter or call 435-259-0199. I can’t wait for my forever home.


    Did someone say "walk"? "Jog"? "Hike"?? Well let's get going! My name is Bruno and I'm ready to be your adventure pal. I'm a young, bouncy boy who's I'm full of fun. I'm happy to share my play time with kids and other dogs too. Let's face it, trail time is even better when you share it with your best friend. And I think that just might be me! What do ya say? Won't you come and say hello? I'm at the Moab Animal Shelter, 435-259-0199.

  • SAM

    Wouldn't you love to come home and see a big, happy smile excited to see you? I couldn't hide my happiness for you if I tried. I'm Sam and I'm a big, lovable loaf of a dog. Walking in the yard, hanging around the house, going for a walk- if you're going, I'm going too! Good thing I'm a big ol' pup because my big, warm heart couldn't fit in a body any smaller. I just can't wait for my new best friend to take me home soon. My tail's wagging just thinking of you. Won't you come and meet me? I'm at the Moab Animal Shelter, 435-259-0199.


    Life is better with a friend, isn't it? That's what I think. My name is Angel, and I'd love to just be by your side. Okay, and maybe be up in your face giving you kisses too. I can't help but show you how thankful I am to have you with me. It's been hard to tell people here my whole story. I was rescued on the street one day, and I'm still a little sad trying to figure out my past but it makes me feel so much better when you pet me and hold me close. I just know there's a perfect person out there for me. Maybe a whole family with kids or other dogs too. Won't you come meet me and be my friend? I have a heart full of love just waiting for you. Come meet me at the Moab Animal Shelter or call 435-259-0199.




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