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    Buster here, I am Cisco the kid's side kick. We almost didn’t make it on our last run. It was so hot and gosh darn I was hungry. We got brought to the shelter and I dig the attention we get. I watch over Cisco and get in some play time. We are a working breed and are ready to have a place to put that into action. We aren’t fancy but would be happy with some good grub and a covered place to lay down at night while watching the stars. Stop by the Moab Animal Shelter to meet us or call 435-259-0199.


    I can’t convey to you my history but I can tell you some know facts. I have a brother named Buster and we were found together. We were hot and scared, not knowing if our people were coming back to us. There was no home near us, just open desert along hwy. 128. We are affectionate with the shelter folks. My brother and I do everything together. We have been through a lot but we always had each others back. We are loyal and friendly adult dogs with an independent spirit. We are athletic and would benefit from an active owner who can help with plenty of exercise. Come meet us at the Moab Animal Shelter or call 435-259-0199.

  • JACK

    Jack here, my new home is cool but I would like to upgrade to a pad where I am number one. I do love to play with the other doggie dogs and I am told my excitement level is off the charts but I take it as a compliment. I am a young, male Labradoodle.
    Meet Jack at the Moab Animal Shelter.

  • LEXI

    Lexi is a black, Whippet mix, young adult. She loves going on walks but a long hike would be more her pace. She is quick and steady as she beats out others while playing fetch. This sleek, small girl would love some future adventures with a like minded human. Stop by the Moab Animal Shelter to meet Lexi.


    Marvel is approximately a 8 month old husky mix with cute facial markings. Playful, puppy energy that comes in bursts with her doggy pals. Marvel is learning how to walk on a leash, it’s a scary concept but this little gal is brave. Meet Marvel at the Moab Animal Shelter.

  • MAX

    I guess I am suppose to tell you about me. My name is Max and I come from a loving home. My family told me to be good and brave. I am bilingual and good with basic commands. I love ball, walks, sniffing smells, water, and playing with my dog pals. I am humble and confident but I sure miss having a special human. Please come visit me at the Moab Animal Shelter.


    Hi! I'm Razzle and I'm a 2 year old , female Corgi/Terrier mix and weigh about 40 pounds. I am very dedicated to the humans around me. I love riding in cars, sleep overs with human friends, going on walks, and wading in the creek. I am very energetic but love to share space with my human friends. If you give me a blanket, I will lay quietly next to you for hours. I would fit in at most homes but will require a fenced yard and kept on a leash when going for walks. I have been here at the shelter for some time but still meet each day with a positive attitude. Come meet me at the Moab Animal Shelter or call 435-259-0199.




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