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The Humane Society of Moab Valley  promotes and provides responsible care for our community’s animals.


Every pet has a safe, healthy, happy life and a forever home.


Our compassion for animals inspires integrity, honesty, transparency and tenacity in our work and relationships as well as dedication to our community and its animals.



Humane Society of Moab Valley (HSMV) was started by Judy Powers in the spring of 1999. She became motivated after finding out the details of the situation at the local pound, and the fact that the city choose to hire a second animal control officer. She felt that if they had the money to do that, the city could create a shelter where animals could be held long enough to have a chance to be adopted.

The focus HAD TO BE on spay and neuter. Adoptions alone would not solve the problem. People quickly become overwhelmed by too many animals. For months Judy did all the leg work to organize the first fundraiser, Dog Days of Summer. Timed to coincide with the Grand County Fair in August of 1999, two weeks of low cost spay/neuters, as well as a week of adoptions were planned. The official start was at the County Fair and adoptions continued for the entire next week in front of City Market.

With the financial support of the City of Moab, and the city manager, the low cost spay/neuter clinic took care of over 200 animals. The money from the adoptions of the animals in foster care was the seed money for the HSMV.

The County Fair attracted many volunteers who quickly got involved, and worked diligently to make the HSMV a viable force in the Moab community.

By early 2000 the board, including Diane Allen, Sharon Brussel, and Judy Powers completed the 501-C-3, and the non-profit was official. Many other volunteers have stepped up over the years to take positions of responsibility.

Our office is located at the Moab Animal Shelter, 956 Sand Flats Road. The Shelter is operated by the City of Moab which provides office space and utilities for us at no cost; however, we are separate entities sharing the same goals. The Shelter intakes most of the community animals and we advertise animals in the Advertiser, post them on FACEBOOK and our website, as well as take animals to adoption days two Saturdays each month. Local businesses help us by sponsoring the weekly advertisements in the Advertiser. We pay to spay or neuter all shelter animals.  Foster homes are used primarily for special care or young animals. This saves us considerable time and money and the “residence time” for animals in the shelter is not as long as it has been in the past.  HSMV also provides low and no cost spay/neuter programs and pet food bank for those in need as well as a Trap/neuter/return (TNR) program for feral and homeless community cats.


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