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Don’t get caught littering! Spay/Neuter your pet today!

A female cat can produce an average litter size of 5 kittens, three or four times per year-each year! Female dogs can produce litters two times per year-each year! The dogs size can determine the size of the litter; ie: small dogs may have 3-8 puppies & large dogs may have 6-20.

Male cats and dogs are capable of reproducing as early as 6 months of age. Males do not go through ‘heat’ cycles like females; they are capable of reproducing at anytime, anywhere, with any female. At this age, male cats and dogs will become territorial by spraying strong smelling urine inside your home. Because dogs are pack animals, many progressively become more dominant.

S.N.I.P. Spay/Neuter Incentive Program: Year Round Discounts!

I. The S.N.I.P. Voucher program is for pet cats and dogs. The program provides a voucher for a pet owner to spay and/or neuter up to three pets in their household at a low cost or free depending on the household income level.  Since the program’s funds are limited, we ask that the voucher be used by pet owners who can not afford this surgery for their pet(s).

II. People qualify for a S.N.I.P. voucher if they are on a financial assistance program like Medicaid, CHIP, Food Stamps, WIC, SSD, Major VA Disability, Section 8 (HUD) or if last year’s tax return indicates a household income not exceeding the federal low income guidelines.

III. S.N.I.P. vouchers are available at Moab Animal Shelter and HSMV office (located at the Moab Animal Shelter).  The voucher typically allows for up to three pets to be fixed at. There are some exceptions to this three pet limit and individual arrangements will be made through our office, i.e. for a mother and litter.


Go to our Community Cat page for more information on our TNR Program for Stray Feral/Community cats.


HSMV spay & neuter programs are made possible through grants from:

Grand County Utah  ~ City of Moab ~ Green River City 




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