• LACE

    Lace is a beautiful all white cat about 9 years old. Lace is a female domestic long hair and is extremely friendly and well trained. She is easy going and asks for nothing more than a comfy place to sleep in a forever home. Come and visit Lace at the Moab City Animal Shelter.


    Copper is a beautiful tabby about 2 years of age. She is friendly with all the other cats and petting her will be met with an abundance of purrs. She will add fun and love to her forever home. Please come by the Moab Animal Shelter and visit with Copper.

  • PIP

    Pip loves to cuddle with everyone when it's nap time. Pip is 6 months old and the runt in a litter of five. Her small stature doesn't stop her from being full of spunk. Pip can be timid around strangers at first, but warms up with a little time. I'm sure this trait will fade as she grows. Pip is a sweet little girl in need of a family.


    Pepper is a miracle baby. She was 5 or 6 weeks old when she was very sick. She quickly recovered with antibiotics and the love and care of her foster moms. She is now an energetic and loving 5 month old cat who would love to find her furever home.


    Peach and her kitten Fuzz were found by a good Samaritan and brought to the shelter. Peach is a lovely Calico Cat that is about a year old. She is curious, sweet and loves to explore. Stop by the shelter to meet this Peach of a cat.


    Butters is a sweet orange tabby who is an older senior cat and in excellent health. He is looking for a new forever home so If you are looking for a well trained kitty, stop by the Animal Shelter to meet this mellow guy.

  • LUNA

    Luna is a 12 week old female kitten and the word rambunctious is a pretty good description for her. She loves running around the cat room and playing with all the toys. If you enjoy laughing, come by the Animal Shelter and spend some time with Luna.


    Binky is a black and white 9 week old kitten with medium length fur. This cute kitten is a little shy and reserved and prefers to sit quietly and observe her surroundings. Stop by the shelter to meet Binky.

  • BLOT

    Blot is Binky's sibling and is 9 weeks old. This little one is rambunctious and loves playing and exercising with any of the other kittens. Meet Blot at the Moab Animal Shelter.

  • BOO

    Boo and his siblings Binky and Blot are 9 weeks old. This adorable black and white kitten has medium length fur and beautiful green eyes. Boo and his siblings are here at the Moab Animal Shelter.


    Catness is a 6 month old female Tabby Cat. She is a little shy with people but is extremely active and loves to play with every toy in the cat room. Come play with Catness and her friends at the Animal Shelter's Cat Lounge.


    Harley is a 4 year old neutered black and white male cat. He has lived in a home with adults and other cats but is afraid of dogs. Meet Harley at the Moab Animal Shelter.


    Ollie is a 1 year old black and white Tuxedo cat with short fur and four white paws. He loves people and enjoys being petted and held. Stop by the shelter to meet this sweet guy.


    Panda is a young black and white spayed female cat. Panda is very sweet, easy going and tolerant with the other cats. Visit the cat lounge at the Moab Animal Shelter if you would like to meet Panda.


    Tabigail is a 3-4 year old grey Tabby Cat. She is playful, friendly with people and other cats. Meet this pretty kitty at the Animal Shelter.


    Snicklefritts is a 5 month old male orange tabby with long fur. This mellow fellow likes his quiet space but also enjoys the company of people. If you are looking for the perfect lap cat meet Snicklefritts at the Moab Animal Shelter.

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