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    Jeeves is a "cuddle" kitty with a loud meow letting you know when it is dinner time. He is about 9 years of age and lost his home through no fault of his own. Jeeves used to be an outdoor/indoor cat who has decided he likes the indoors the best. Unfortunately his owner developed severe allergies to Jeeves and he is now looking for his forever home. Jeeves is a handsome tuxedo whose only minor health issue is that he is blind in one eye. This does not stop Jeeves from playing with his toys and having fun with the other cats. Jeeves would love a new home where he can snuggle up with his new person. He is ready to be a lap cat. If you would like to meet Jeeves, call the animal shelter for an appointment at 435-259-0199.


    Just like people, felines can have their own individual personalities. Horace is one of the most chilled cats the Shelter has seen. This male 5-6 month old tabby with striking amber eyes is a love bug. He enjoys being picked up and cradled like a human baby. If you tickle his chin, he will fall asleep in your arms. Horace plays with everyone who comes through the Cat Room. While he willingly eats dry food, Horace loves wet food. He has been known to use the volunteer dishing out the wet food as a ladder quickly climbing up your pants to get to the food faster. Horace is a wonderful cat looking for a loving forever home. If you would like to meet Horace, please call the Animal Shelter for an appointment (435-259-0199) or drop by during the Shelter's public hours.

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