Lace and Snow are beautiful all white cats about 8 years old. Lace is a female domestic long hair and Snow is a male domestic short hair. These beautiful cats have been together their entire lives. They are extremely well trained.

  • MERV

    Merv is a outgoing and affectionate male Russian Blue. He is about 2 years old. Merv loves to cuddle with people but does not prefer other cats.


    Maxwell is a 2-3 year old neutered male with long gray fur. He was found on Potash road. He must have had a home at one time because he loves people in spite of his shyness. Do you have room in your family for this wonderful feline?


    Harley is an incredibly friendly tuxedo neutered male. About 4 years old, Harley loves people and is always front and center when people come to visit the shelter. He loves playing with his toys and other cats. Harley will bring many smiles to his forever home.


    Felix is a strikingly beautiful long haired tortoise shell male cat. He is a sweet adult cat between 1-3 years of age. Felix likes other cats and gets along very well with them. Felix is hopeful someone needs another feline to enrich their life. Come and visit Felix at the Humane Society.


    Looking for a cat who knows he is too cool? Then Simba is the cat for you. He is an adult male who plays well with other cats and people. He is full of personality and loves to head butt to show he loves you. If you want to add lots of love to your life, come and visit Simba.

  • SAM

    Sam is handsome and intelligent. He is a stunningly beautiful adult cat who gets along well with other cats, people and dogs. Sam is hoping he will find a loving forever home soon in 2019 so he can begin showering his new family with love. Come and visit and meet this pretty boy.


    No doubt about it--Tigger is handsome. He is an adult cat with a personality as beautiful as he is. He gets along well with other cats and is hopeful 2019 will bring him a forever home with a loving family. Tigger loves to sit in laps and purr. Do you have room in your heart and house for this sweet cat?

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