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  • BABY

    Baby is a beautiful 1 1/2 year old Siamese with big pale blue eyes. She prefers a quiet house with adults only and doesn't get along with dogs. Baby is a little shy at first but likes to be petted all over and will definitely cuddle once she feels comfortable with you. If you'd like to meet her, call 435-259-0199 or come by the Moab Animal Shelter.

  • MOBY

    Moby is so, so sweet. He is peaceful and low maintenance, and enjoys being loved and will sit/lay by you or in your lap. Moby likes to play with his toys and is wonderful with other cats and dogs. Moby is a young adult male cat with beautiful short white fur and cheerful sky blue eyes. Come meet this total love at the Moab Animal Shelter or call 435-259-0199 for more details.


    It's a big world out there, isn't it? Hi, my name is Holly. My siblings here might say I'm shy, but I like playing around, just like they do. I just need some time to come out of my shell. Give me a little time, and I'll give you my trust and put a smile on your face. Come meet me at the Moab Animal Shelter or call 435-259-0199.


    Hello, my name is Marshmallow. Me and my siblings have been having a great time at the shelter but we're growing up and we can't wait to go to our forever home. I can be quite shy at times, but if you can give me patience and kindness I will learn to come around. I can't wait to meet my new best friend- I bet it could even be you. Won't you come say hi? I'm at the Moab Animal Shelter, 435-259-0199.


    You look like you could use a bit of play time. Don't worry, I'm here to help! I'm Tinsel and 'play time' is my middle name. I'll keep you busy- let's paw at string, scamper around and bat at fuzzy things- I'm ready to go! Come meet me at the Moab Animal Shelter and you'll make a friend for sure.


    My kittens have all grown up and are out of the house- time for this momma to treat herself! It My name is Cinnamon and I'm a young lady cat with a full life ahead of me. I'm a bit shy to get started, but I love nice scratches and playing with toys. I bet my purrrrfect life with you is just around the corner. Come meet me at the Moab Animal Shelter or call 435-259-0199.




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