Lace and Snow are beautiful all white cats about 8 years old. Lace is a female domestic long hair and Snow is a male domestic short hair. These beautiful cats have been together their entire lives. They are extremely well trained. Come and visit Lace and Snow at the Moab City Animal Shelter.


    Woody has a face that will melt your heart. He is a terrific senior cat with no health issues and loves everyone. Woody has had one owner his entire life and is now looking for a home for his golden years. Although he is 13, he still has lots of life and love to give some lucky adopter. He enjoys being petted and uses his scratching post. Come by the Moab Animal Shelter and meet this handsome boy.


    Copper has lived with Nutmeg and is a young adult cat. Friendly and outgoing, Copper is looking for a forever home where she is loved and will love her person in return. Known as "personality plus", this lovely feline will shower you with purrs asking only for pets in return. If you have thought of adding a kitty to your household, come by the Moab Animal Shelter and visit with Copper.

  • ABYX

    If you are looking for a kitty that loves people, Abyx is worth visiting. She is a spayed female about a year old. Abyx takes awhile to warm up to other cats but will be a wonderful addition to your family.


    Domino is a feisty tuxedo male with beautiful green eyes. He is friendly with people and some of the shelter cats but has his favorites for sure. Domino would love a forever home. Come by the Animal Shelter and visit with Domino and see if he can be a member of your family.

  • MYAH

    Well this very lovely gray tabby feline is a little shy She is 1-2 years of age and loves to give purrs. Myah is spayed and would make a very special furiend. Please come by and meet Leia at the Animal Shelter.


    Meet Sweety. Sweety is just as her name says. She is a lovely gray tabby who is a senior kitty ~13 years old and in excellent health. She is looking for a new forever home after her person passed away. If you are looking for a personable well trained kitty, Sweety would love to meet you at the Animal Shelter.


    Cleocatra is a stunningly beautiful silver tabby. She will definitely be a wonderful addition to any home. Loving and friendly, if you want a really cool kitty come by the Animal Shelter and meet Cleocatra.


    Frenchie is a very curious 3 month old kitten. He gets along with other cats, dogs and pigs. He has not been around children, but I am confident he will be just fine with kids. When he is not romping with his brother and sister he is off exploring the world and playing with the dogs. Frenchie is named for his one foot that has white tips like a french manicure. He would do well as a lone cat or be a great addition to any family with fur babies.


    Ombie is a sweet handsome 3 month old black male kitten with medium to long hair, with highlights of white. Ombie can hold his own with his tough brother Frenchie, but most of the time he can be found cuddling his little sister Pip. Ombie seems to be Pip's protector and can mostly be found cuddling or holding her. It would be great to send them out as a pair, but it's not required. Ombie will romp and play, but is usually the more calm of the two males. All three of these kittens are litter box trained and ready for a forever home.

  • PIP

    Pip loves to cuddle with everyone when it's nap time. Pip is the runt in a litter of five. Her small stature doesn't stop her from being full of spunk. Pip loves all creatures and would love to to stay with her brother Ombie if possible. Pip can be timid around strangers at first, but warms up with a little time. I'm sure this trait will fade as she grows. Pip is a sweet little girl in need of a family. Pip is 3 months old.

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