Powers with Animals Dog Owner Trainings

  • Learn positive, gentle Techniques & Tools
  • Improve Your Dog's Behavior(s)
  • Develop a FUN relationship with your dog

Wednesday March 27 from 7-8:30 pm - Dog Language/Calming Signals

Wednesday April 10 from 7-8:30 pm - Enjoy walking your dog on a leash

Wednesday April 24 from 7-8:30 pm - Help your dog Calm Down! (& you?)

Contact Judy Powers @ 435-210-1234


Traveling with your pet
in the Canyon Country


Pet etiquette and local laws

Clean Up After Your Pet - It’s both common sense, and courteous to the places you’re visiting.

Research and Obey Local Laws - In Moab City all dogs must be kept on a leash, in Grand County all dogs must be kept under restraint. 

Trails - Find out where the pet friendly trails and other pet friendly places such as the Moab Bark Park can be found.

Identification - Most pets do not have pockets, they need a collar to wear their tags.  A tag is a pets ticket home.  Make sure the identification and rabies tags on your pet’s collar are up to date and fastened securely to the collar. 


Safety Information in the heat

Never Leave Your Pet in the Car - On sunny and warm days, the air in the car doesn’t circulate and the temperature can rise within minutes to a point where it can become life threatening.

Watch for Heatstroke - Even if you don’t keep your pets in a hot car, hot summer weather can still be bad for your pet’s health.

Sunblock is for Pets, Too - Did you know that animals can get sunburned, too? This is especially true for animals with light-colored skin. (particularly on areas like the nose and ears). Protect their feet as well; the pavement and backcountry trail rocks and sand can be scorching on pets paws.

Back country hiking - In the backcountry a leash is recommended, not required, but dogs do need to be under verbal restraint and not chase or harass wildlife and be sure to keep your pets away from dangerous cliff areas. 

Practice Water Safety - Just because your dog loves the water doesn’t mean he always knows its dangers! Keep an eye on your pet around water, especially when it’s an unfamiliar place.  

Desert Plants - Desert plants such as cactus, cheat grass, foxtail or other plants can be a problem for pets.   

Keep bugs away - Spring, summer and fall is high travel season, and it’s also a high bug season. Things like sticktight fleas, ticks, lice and even heartworm can be an issue for your pets during the warm months so take precautions against them before you leave home.


Travel and Lodging

Find Pet-Friendly Accommodation and Activities - You can find out about a variety of pet-friendly events going on in and around the places you’ll be visiting on your trip, and you can also make sure you’re booking stays at hotels, campgrounds, and vacation rentals that allow pets – check out the Discovermoab.com hotel listing for pet friendly accommodations.

Hotel rooms - Don’t leave your pet alone in the hotel room, even if the hotel is dog friendly, a barking dog can be considered a nuisance. 

Kennels and Carriers - Some places require that your pet be in a carrier or crate when left alone. A kennel is also a safe way to travel for your pet.


Pet Health

Vet Records - Bring a copy of your pet’s vaccines. Hotels and vacation rentals often ask for proof of your pet’s vaccines.

Medication - Make sure you have enough of it for the duration of your time away from home. Pick up refills for your pet before you head out.

Find the Local Emergency Vet - Know before you go where the emergency vet is in the area you are staying in case your pet becomes injured.  Veterinarian offices located in Grand County are Moab Vet Clinic 435-259-8710 and Mill Creek Animal Hospital 435-259-2733.

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